Sabes qué hacer Después de un Accidente de Auto donde el otro Conductor Huye de la Escena?

Contáctanos para una Consulta Gratuita   Llamenos: (626) 792-9666   Cualquier accidente automovilístico, incluso aquellos en los que todas las partes cooperen y proporcionen la información de su seguro, puede ser una experiencia aterradora. Los accidentes de golpe y carrera son particularmente estresantes. Con poca o ninguna evidencia del conductor que huye de la escena, las víctimas se sienten perdidas, enojadas e indefensas. De acuerdo con un estudio realizado por AAA, las muertes por choques automovilísticos se incrementaron en un 62% con respecto a 2009. Los datos de la Administración Nacional de Seguridad del Tráfico en Carreteras indican que los … Continue reading

Do you know what to do after a Hit and Run Car Accident?

Contact Us for a Free Consultation   (626) 792-9666   Any car accident, even those where all parties cooperate and provide their insurance information, can be a terrifying experience. Hit and runs are particularly stressful. With little to no evidence for the driver who flees the scene, hit and run victims are left feeling lost, angry, and helpless. According to a study done by AAA, fatalities from hit and run car crashes increased by 62% from 2009. Data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration indicates that hit and run accidents involving fatalities rose by 14 percent. The statistics are … Continue reading

Loyola student never intended to shoot up campus, attorney says

LOS ANGELES (AP) – A 21-year-old Loyola Marymount University student arrested for posting an online message threatening a campus shooting spree never intended to carry it out, his attorney said. Carlos Huerta’s attorney, Raul G. Lomas, said Huerta cried upon realizing how serious the situation was. “My gut feeling is that a lot of people on this site want to write something more shocking and more outrageous than the next,” Lomas said Wednesday. “It was just an immature, childish act. He regrets it and he’s paying for it.” On Saturday, Lomas said Huerta posted an anonymous message on a campus … Continue reading

What’s in a Name? 6 Days in Jail : Mix-Up Blamed for Tangled Mess

July 14, 1986|DEBORAH HASTINGS | LA Times Staff Writer Jorge Garcia Soto was released from jail this weekend after spending six frustrating days trying to convince authorities that they had the wrong man. In vain, the Orange County man recalled Sunday, he told the police officer who arrested him, two more officers at the station, and the man who took his fingerprints at the jail, that they had made a mistake. The man they were really after, he said, had the same birth date and a similar name, but it wasn’t him. Soto should know. He’s been through this before, … Continue reading