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If you have been injured in a cycling accident, you need an aggressive attorney to represent your legal interests. I have been an avid cyclist for many years, and I understand the attitude many drivers have towards cyclists. Since cycling has become a popular sport nationwide, the risk of being injured by a careless or enraged driver has increased.

I have seen many cases in which the police report holds the bicyclist responsible for an automobile-bicycle collision by claiming the cyclist was riding on a sidewalk or crosswalk. Law-enforcement officers mistakenly believe that riding a bicycle on a sidewalk or crosswalk violates the Vehicle Code. They are wrong. Section 21650.1 of the Vehicle Code, which is used to hold the cyclist responsible requires that he/she must have been riding in the opposite direction of traffic and either be on the shoulder of a highway or a roadway. This statute does not preclude a person riding his/her bicycle on a sidewalk or cross-walk. We can show that the cyclist was not negligent or responsible for his/her injuries.

Auto Vs. Bicycle Collisions

In the city of Pasadena and the greater Los Angeles area, we see much more urbanization and densely populated living areas. Many residents in these areas will use bicycles as an alternative to using their cars. Municipalities also make it easier to accommodate cyclists by establishing more bike lanes and other cycling-friendly conveniences. The unfortunate drawback to more people picking up their bikes is an increase in cycling accidents and fatalities that involve other vehicles.

While it may be natural to think that a cyclist has an advantage in a bicycle accident claim, insurance companies will not always be prepared to admit liability. They will always work hard to exclude their insureds from any liability. The truth is that determining fault is not clear-cut. This is why you need an experienced Pasadena bicycle accident lawyer who will work hard on your behalf to defend your rights and make sure you’re treated fairly.

Bicycle Accident Injuries

Negligent drivers cause most bicycle accidents. When you compare the size of a standard passenger vehicle with that of a bike, it’s not hard to figure out who has the disadvantage. Property damages aside, if you’re a cyclist who gets struck by a car, your injuries can be severe and often fatal. Emergency rooms routinely receive injured cyclists on a daily basis.

Common bicycle accident injuries include:

Bone Fractures

Soft Tissue Injuries

Dislocated Joints

Road Rash

Nerve Damage

Spinal Cord Injury

Brain Injury


Bicycle accident injuries are serious and can change someone’s life permanently. On top of the physical trauma, let’s not forget the emotional devastation that comes as a result of suffering a permanent injury. Even if it’s not permanent, an injury still can disrupt someone’s life severely.

The Law Offices of Raul G. Lomas has experienced in dealing with complicated medical claims that result from personal injury cases. Medical bills and records alone can add up to a mountain of paperwork. Don’t go through the trouble of sorting it all yourself. Let our attorneys conduct a thorough investigation that includes compiling your medical data and strengthening your case against the at-fault party.

The Law Offices of Raul G. Lomas can Help You with your Bike Accident Case

When you retain our legal services for your bike accident case, you can be sure that you have a team of experts handling your best interests. We collect all evidence and statements to make sure you receive a favorable result.

As a cyclist myself, I know what’s it’s like to be out there on the roads of our cities. You see it all. Distracted drivers on their cell phones, speeding, swerving, you name it. On top of moving cars, there are those that are incorrectly parked from the curb or careless drivers and passengers who don’t look behind them before opening their doors. I know the dangers, and I get it. It’s dangerous, and I understand the consequences that can happen after a bike accident. This is why my law firm works hard in your favor to bring you a favorable resolution to your case.

We can help you recover damages for medical bills, property damage, loss of wages, pain, suffering, and related expenses.

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