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Any type of accident can be stressful and emotionally draining. We advise you not to handle an auto accident claim on your own. Dealing with the insurance companies is not something you want to put up with while you’re trying to recover from your injuries. They will only add to your stress by making the process lengthy and confusing. Keep in mind that insurance companies are looking to pay out the minimum, or nothing at all, for your car accident claim. You may think that by not hiring an attorney you’re saving money, but the reality is that it can end up costing you more by not getting the full compensation you deserve.

If you or a loved one have been injured in a car accident, you need an aggressive car accident lawyer who can represent you and make sure that you are fairly compensated for your injuries, property damage, and other losses, including emotional distress.

Know your options and know your rights! Don’t fight this battle alone!

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    The Truth about Car Accidents in the Pasadena and Greater Los Angeles Area

    Pasadena Car Accident Lawyer

    If you’re a resident of the Pasadena and greater Los Angeles area, you know that our roads and highways are always busy. Despite the city’s best efforts to implement more public transportation and make the city more bicycle-friendly, the truth is that most of us still rely on our cars. Angelenos have always had a love affair with their cars, and we depend on them as our main source of transportation.
    Unfortunately, this means that accidents are a part of life in Southern California. From minor fender benders to major vehicle pile-ups, the range of accidents and injuries that result from them can vary.

    Common Causes of Car Accidents

    The causes of car accidents in our area are vast and many. However, certain common factors increase the likelihood of them occurring. If you were in a car accident, there is a very good chance that it was due to one of the following reasons:

    Drunk Driving

    Operating a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or drugs is not only illegal but extremely dangerous. Drunk drivers account for a large percentage of accidents and injuries across the nation. And while most people should know they shouldn’t drink and drive, some just don’t get the message. Drunk drivers put the lives of everyone on the road at risk. It’s plain and simple; if you drink, don’t drive!

    Driving under the influence of illegal, prescription drugs, or legal recreational drugs

    Alcohol is not the only substance that can impair one’s judgment. Both legal and illegal drugs can affect a driver’s ability to operate a vehicle safely. This goes for illegal and legal recreational drugs like marijuana as well as prescription drugs. Driving under the influence of any of these substances poses a grave danger to other drivers.

    Drowsy and exhausted drivers

    Drowsy and exhausted drivers can be just as dangerous as drunk drivers. If you’re falling asleep at the wheel, you should pull over and take a nap. Never try to drive while drowsy. Like drugs and alcohol, lack of sleep severely affects your judgment.

    Reckless driving

    Reckless driving can include many things, including excessive speed, aggressive driving, improper lane changes, and complete and total disregard for the rules of the road. If you see this type of driver, stay away as far as possible.

    Texting while driving

    Our obsession with our cell phones is literally killing people. While you’re driving, all calls and texts can wait! Our use with our phones not only includes texts and phone calls but also using mobile maps, including GPS apps. The bottom line is, using your phone for any purpose, including getting directions, is risky and should be avoided.

    Distracted drivers

    Mobile phones are not the only things that can distract us. People or objects can take our attention away from the road. Even switching the radio station or looking to the back seat to tell your kids to quiet down can all be distractions. Distracted driving accounts for the majority of car accidents, surpassing drunk driving.


    Whether it’s out of spite for a driver who is driving too slow or misjudgment of distance between your vehicle and the one in front of you, tailgating is a recipe for disaster. Tailgating is when one driver follows another behind too closely. Simple physics tells us that following too closely reduces the distance and time needed for stopping safely. Keep a safe distance from the car in front of you and don’t tailgate. If you’re the one being tailgated, switch lanes and allow the other driver to pass you. Don’t make matters worse by slowing down even more.

    Swerving in and out of traffic

    Just like speeding, swerving in and out of traffic is something many drivers do to save time and get to their destination faster. The idea is counterproductive because while it feels like you’re saving time, you may be held back by a red light or traffic that comes to a standstill. Swerving is dangerous and increases the chance that you’ll sideswipe another car or cause a more severe car accident.

    Not paying attention to traffic signals and road signs

    Certain things have little room for error, and traffic signals are some of those. Running red lights and stop signs can result not only in traffic collisions with other vehicles, but they can result in death or injuries to pedestrians as well. If you made the mistake of going through an intersection when it wasn’t your turn, it might be too little and too late to do anything about it. Always pay attention to road signs and signals.

    Injuries Resulting from Car Accidents

    Injuries resulting from car accidents can range from minor to life-threatening. Below are some of the most common injuries that occur.


    Whiplash frequently happens in car accidents. It occurs when your neck and back swing back and forth forcefully. Whiplash can even occur in a rollercoaster ride. The muscle tissue in your neck and back may feel stiff, and you may experience pain. Whiplash is not life-life-threatening but recovery time can be lengthy and may require medical treatment.

    Bone Fractures

    A violent impact from a car accident can cause any bone in our bodies to break. Bone fractures can occur on your legs, arms, or hands. Sometimes it’s difficult to determine whether you have a fracture. However, severe pain and swelling are typical signs that something is broken.

    Soft Tissue Injuries

    Sprains and strains are examples of soft tissue injuries. They occur when muscles, tendons, and ligaments are damaged from overuse or trauma. Swelling, bruising, and pain are common symptoms of soft tissue injuries. Unlike fractures, soft tissue injuries are generally difficult to diagnose, so it’s essential that listen to your body.

    Brain and Head Injuries

    Head and brain injuries can be severe and require immediate emergency care. Examples include concussions, brain hemorrhage, skull fractures, or internal bleeding. A brain injury can affect other parts of your body and can leave someone in a coma or paralyzed for life.

    Spinal Injuries

    Your spinal cord is what connects most of your body’s nerve fibers to the brain. Any damage to your spine can result in loss of bodily movements and functions. You may lose sensation in your lower extremities, and you may notice a change in strength and mobility.

    Scrapes and Cuts

    Scrapes and cuts are very common in car accidents. Flying objects, glass from a shattered windshield, and other blunt objects can penetrate the skin. Cuts and scrapes can be minor, requiring nothing more than a first aid kit while others can result in deep gaping wounds that need stitches. In more serious cases, a deep cut can produce severe bleeding.

    Our Approach to Handling Car Accident Cases

    How we treat your car accident claim is different than how most law firms handle them. We focus on quality and not quantity. Car accident claims are lucrative because there are so many of them. Many attorneys want to rack up as many car accident cases as possible. But in doing so, they forget who is at the other end of their case, and that’s you, the client!

    The Law Offices of Raul G. Lomas has a personal approach to handling your case. We are empathetic and understanding of your needs. Our attorneys are not focused on taking on as many cases as possible and getting them off our desk. We care about providing outstanding service to you and our loved ones. We know that our greatest asset to our business reputation is your opinion. The more we can do for you, the more successful we become.

    How the Law Offices of Raul G. Lomas can Help with your Case

    Our personal injury law firm can help you recover for economic and non-economic damages including:

    Medical bills

    Loss of earnings

    Property Damage

    Wrongful Death

    Loss of enjoyment of life

    Emotional distress

    Don’t try to settle an accident claim on your own. It’s not worth it, and you may lose more than you gain. You need an experienced professional who will conduct a thorough investigation and apply the law in your best interest.

    All of our cases are done on a contingency basis. This means that you don’t pay a cent unless we get you a settlement. Our initial consultations are completely free and confidential.

    You have the right to be compensated for personal injury and property losses. This includes monetary damages for all medical expenses, lost wages, repairs to your property, and non-economic damages which consist of loss of enjoyment of life, pain & suffering, disfigurement, grief, and anxiety. Contact our offices at (626) 792-9666.

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