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We don't have to tell you how painful and traumatic it can be for anyone who has survived a fire or other burn-related accident. The consequences are life altering. Burn injuries can lead to other health complications, and victims can sometimes experience years of chronic pain, physical deformities, and life-threatening infections. In addition to all of this is the emotional and psychological damage that comes with these events. It's very common for victims to suffer post-traumatic stress disorder and other emotional problems.

Fire investigations are complex and determining the root cause can be difficult. However, common causes of fires are usually a result of carelessness and negligence by another person. A burn injury victim may be entitled to receiving monetary benefits for their medical bills, pain, suffering, lost wages, and other related expenses. While no amount of money can ever make up for your lost time, physical, and emotional damage, a burn injury lawyer can help you seek recovery for your losses and get you on the path to rebuilding your life again.

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    Burn Injury Lawyer Pasadena

    According to the American Burn Association, there are 1.1 million burn injuries in the U.S every year. Approximately 45,000 of these injuries require that the victim is hospitalized, and about 4,500 of them die from their injuries. A large percentage of fire accidents are as a result of negligence, or deliberate actions.

    Common Causes of Burn Accidents

    Burn injuries can occur in any number of ways, but some scenarios arise more frequently. The exact cause of your case may be unique and should be appropriately evaluated by your attorney.

    Below are some common causes of burn accidents:

    Heat Sources

    Thermal burns occur due to exposure to heat energy. A thermal burn results from having contact with heated items such as hot cooking oil, boiling water, steam, and fire. Children commonly suffer scalds while adults mostly suffer thermal burns. Extreme sunlight is another source of thermal heat.

    Chemical Exposure

    Burns can occur on the skin or eyes from chemical exposure. If a chemical is inhaled or ingested, it can damage the internal organs like the lungs or esophagus. The severity of a burn is determined by the specific substance, its concentration, and the amount of exposure.

    Electrical Sources

    Electrical burns are caused by electrocution. Treatment for electrical burn injuries can be complicated by other symptoms like brain damage or heart rhythm disruption because electrical currents can disrupt other bodily functions.


    Radioactive sources cause radiation burns. Similar to electrical burns, treatment for radiation burns can be complicated because radiation causes other side effects.

    Burn Injury Classification

    The classifications of burns are based on degree, thickness, and depth of the wound. Extend of depth varies the part of the body that was affected and the skin condition of the person that sustained the burn. For example, skin on the back and legs are thicker than the surface of the skin on the face. Also, children and young adults usually have more delicate skin when compared to the skin of working-age adults. The degree of your burn injury is a factor in determining the seriousness of your legal case.

    Burn injuries are classified under the following categories:

    First Degree Burns

    This type of burn affects the outermost layer of the skin. This skin turns red, and it can be painful, but the wound is usually dry and heals in about 3 to 5 days. In some cases, first-degree burn patients may be hospitalized to manage pain and recuperate lost fluids.

    Second Degree Burns

    This type of burn affects the top layer of the skin and one or more layers underneath. They are painful and make the skin pink or red. Second-degree burns can take up to 2 to 3 weeks to heal. Some of these injuries may require skin grafts.

    Third Degree Burns

    This type of burn destroys all layers of the skin and harms the tissues underneath. The skin turns black or white and may develop a leathery texture. Skin grafts are usually required, and the risk of infection is very high. Healing can take several months.

    Fourth Degree Burns

    Fourth-degree burns can be fatal. They can extend to the bone or muscle, and the affected limbs may require amputation. Healing can take several months, however, in some cases, the damage may be permanent as there is a high probability of impairment.

    Let a Burn Injury Lawyer Help with your Legal Case

    Whether it was someone wrongdoing or negligence, you may have a strong legal case against the person or group of persons responsible for your injuries and suffering. Make sure they are held accountable. Get in touch with our law offices to evaluate your case at no cost. You don't pay a single dime unless we get you a settlement.

    Our attorneys conduct a complete analysis into the cause of your accident, including a thorough investigation into the individuals who acted irresponsibly.

    Our law firm can help you get compensation for:

    • Pain
    • Suffering
    • Emotional trauma
    • Medical expenses including future medical fees
    • Payment for property damage
    • Compensation for disfigurement and permanent damage
    • Lost earning capacity
    • Related expenses


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